External source refresh


The refresh status for an external object type.


Note that PUT and DELETE verbs may not be supported in IIS; it is recommended to route them via the POST verb and specify the _method querystring parameter, as detailed in the compatibility page.

This value can only be updated via a PUT request, and is akin to calling VaultObjectTypeOperations.RefreshExternalObjectType. The request body should contain an integer to be converted to the MFExternalDBRefreshType parameter; a request body containing 1 would execute a quick refresh, but a body containing 2 would execute a full refresh.

Note that this call simply initiates the refresh process, which could continue for several minutes depending on the data source and volume of content to synchronise.

Input: MFRefreshStatus
Output: PrimitiveType<MFRefreshStatus>
  Sets the refresh status to either Full or Quick.