Information on this page is only applicable to M-Files (server) version 12.0.6783.0 and higher.

Object type ID by alias


Resolves one or more object type aliases to their IDs.


Input: string[]
Output: JSON object (see below)

This endpoint accepts an array of strings of object type aliases to resolve. A sample request body is shown below:


This endpoint returns an object with a property for each provided alias with the value being the ID of the object type in the current vault that has that alias. A sample response body is shown below:

	"ObjectTypeAlias1" : 101,
	"ObjectTypeAlias2" : 102,
	"UnresolvedAlias" : -1

Aliases that could not be resolved will be returned as -1.


Item Description
Object type ID from alias (single) Allows resolution of a single object type ID from its alias