Intelligence Services


Intelligence Services analyse files being added to M-Files and can suggest values for items on the object’s metadata card. Developers provide their own suggestions by building their own intelligence services, utilising online services, AI techniques, or their own custom logic.

Intelligence service processing

Locating Intelligence Services

Intelligence Services built by M-Files or one of our Certified Application Partners can be found on the M-Files Solution Catalog.

Installing and configuring Intelligence Services

Intelligence Services are installed and configured in an identical way to Vault Application Framework applications; by using the M-Files Admin tool. The online user guide details how to install an Intelligence Service.

Intelligence Services may or may not require an additional licence to run. Licences are installed using the M-Files Admin tool, in the same Applications dialog used to install the service itself.

Once installed, the M-Files Admin tool can be used to then configure the Intelligence Service. Whilst the Service-specific configuration process may differ for each individual component, our online user guide details how to configure Intelligence Services.

Custom Intelligence Services

M-Files is proactively supporting partners looking to build their own Intelligence Services. Intelligence Services can be created using the Visual Studio template.

Intelligence Services built by Certified Application Partners can be published into the M-Files Solution Catalog.