REST API Samples

Please note that these samples and libraries are provided “as-is” and with no warranty, explicit or otherwise. You should ensure that the functionality of these libraries meet your requirements, and thoroughly test them, prior to using in any production scenarios. The items linked below are designed as teaching tools and may not be fully complete.

M-Files has published a number of public samples within our MFilesSamplesAndLibraries GitHub repository, which focus on achieving specific tasks using our public APIs or Frameworks.


The following .NET (typically v4.5) samples are available. Please note that these focus on maintaining functionality with the latest versions of Visual Studio and M-Files, and may require additional work to work on previous versions of software.

Title Source Details
Check out status GitHub An example of retrieving the checkout status of an object.
Downloading files GitHub An example of searching for, then downloading, files from the M-Files Web Service.
Searching GitHub An example of using the search endpoint to search for objects within a Vault. Further details an examples are included in the readme file.
Vault Structure GitHub A console application that shows how to enumerate the vault structure using the M-Files Web Service.
View Navigation GitHub A console application that shows how to enumerate the vault contents by navigating the view structures using the M-Files Web Service.