Distributing child applications

A server-side Vault Application Framework application may sometimes be accompanied with a client-site User Interface Extensibility Framework application, where the two applications are designed to be used together and not independently. From a usability perspective it is better for the users to have to install and maintain one vault application, rather than have to manage the installation of both.


  1. Create your Vault Application Framework application and note the guid that it is assigned within the appdef.xml file.
  2. Update your User Interface Extensibility Framework application’s appdef.xml file, ensuring that the v3 schema (or higher) is used, and add a master application guid containing the value found above.
  3. Build the User Interface Extensibility Framework application, and produce a deployable .zip or .mfappx file.
  4. Add the UIX application to the Vault Application Framework solution, ensuring that it is set to copy to the output directory.
    1. Right-click on the Vault Application Framework solution name and select Add, then Existing Item....
    2. Navigate to the User Interface Extensibility Framework application, select it, and click Add.
    3. Right-click on the file that is now visible within the solution and select Properties.
    4. Ensure Copy to Output Directory is set to Copy always.
  5. Open your Vault Application Framework class and override the InitializeApplication method. Ensure that the name of the UIX application is altered to the name of your application.
/// <summary>
/// Install the UIX application, as it will not be installed by default.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="vault">The vault to install the application into.</param>
protected override void InitializeApplication(Vault vault)
		string appPath = "UIX.mfappx";
		if (File.Exists(appPath))
			SysUtils.ReportErrorToEventLog("File: " + appPath + " does not exist");
	catch (Exception ex)
		if (!MFUtils.IsMFilesAlreadyExistsError(ex))


Once the Vault Application Framework application is installed to the vault, it will automatically find and install the User Interface Extensibility Framework application, and list it as a child application:

A child application displayed under its parent in the M-Files Admin tool


This approach is shown within the Client to Server Communication sample.