Good typography is invisible, enabling users to have a seamless experience while they’re using M-Files products.


M-Files Desktop uses Segoe UI typeface.

Typefaces. Segoe UI Light is used in sub-headings. Segoe UI Regular is used as base text. Segoe UI Bold is used to highlight text.


Typography has 4 different scales.

Scale. Heading size is 22px and weight regular. Sub-Heading size is 14p and weight regular. Sub heading italic size is 12px and weight regular. Base size is 13px and weight regular.

Text and background

Text is displayed bit diferently depending on the background color. With blue background white text is used and with gray background darker text is used.

Text and background. With blue background text color is white. With light background text color is black or gray.

How to use and when

Below is explained how to use different fonts in M-Files Desktop.

Metadata card and text

Metadata card and text

  1. Heading 22px, Gray 3, #676767
  2. Sub-heading (Italic) 12px, Gray 4, #808080
  3. Base 13px, Gray 5, #999999
  4. Base 13px, Main black, #000000
  5. Base (italic) 13px

Vault view and text

Vault view and text

  1. Base 13px, Main white, #FFFFFF
  2. Base 13px (bold), Gray 1, #333333
  3. Base 13px, Main black, #000000