The ObjVerChanges class in the Vault Application Framework


ObjVerChanges is contained in the MFiles.VAF.Common namespace and provides information on metadata changes between two versions of an object.

This class only processes metadata property value changes, and does not attempt to identify whether any file changes have occured between versions.

Comparing all property values

To compare all property values, use the Changed property.

// Load document (type 0) with ID 1 and version 16 from the vault.
var objVerEx = new ObjVerEx(vault,
	(int) MFBuiltInObjectType.MFBuiltInObjectTypeDocument,
	id: 1,
	version: 16

// Compare the version loaded above (16) with its previous version (probably 15).
var objVerChanges = new ObjVerChanges(objVerEx);
foreach (var propertyChanged in objVerChanges.Changed)
	switch (propertyChanged.ChangeType)
		case PropertyValueChangeType.Added:
			// Handle additions.
		case PropertyValueChangeType.Modified:
			// Handle modified values.
		case PropertyValueChangeType.Removed:
			// Handle removed values.

Thsi will only return changed items, not property values which are the same.