Exposing Vault Extension Methods in the Vault Application Framework

Vault Application Framework

The VaultExtensionMethodAttribute attribute marks the following method as a vault extension method, and declares its alias and the level of vault access required to call it. The input provided when the extension method is called is available within env.Input.

	RequiredVaultAccess = MFVaultAccess.MFVaultAccessNone)]
private string MyVaultExtensionMethod(EventHandlerEnvironment env)
	return env.Input + ", " + DateTime.Now.Ticks.ToString();

Access can be restricted to the extension method by altering the value of RequiredVaultAccess. The Vault Application Framework will ensure that any user calling this extension method has this level of access to the system prior to executing the method. The default for RequiredVaultAccess is MFVaultAccessChangeFullControlRole, which effectively limits the access to administrators-only.

In the code sample provided, the name of the vault extension method (provided as a string in the attribute declaration) and the name of the actual method are the same, but this is not required.


The VBScript page on Vault Extension Methods has details on how to define a Vault Extension Method using VBScript.

Calling a Vault Extension Method using the COM and REST APIs

The VBScript page on Vault Extension Methods has details on how to call the Vault Extension Method using either the COM or REST APIs.