User Interface Extensibility Framework Samples

Please note that these samples and libraries are provided “as-is” and with no warranty, explicit or otherwise. You should ensure that the functionality of these libraries meet your requirements, and thoroughly test them, prior to using in any production scenarios. The items linked below are designed as teaching tools and may not be fully complete.

M-Files has published a number of public samples within our MFilesSamplesAndLibraries GitHub repository, which focus on achieving specific tasks using our public APIs or Frameworks.

The Client-To-Server Communication sample may also be of interest.


Title Source Details
Hello, World GitHub Creates a basic UIX ShellUI application that displays a message when the shell frame object becomes available for use.
Show/Hide context menu item GitHub Shows and hides a context menu item depending on the selected objects (OnShowContextMenu).
Commands GitHub Creates two commands (buttons) that interact with each other.
Persistent Web Page GitHub Creates a persistent web page and shows the content within a tab on the right-hand-side of the interface. The navigation within the tab is persisted even as the user interacts with M-Files (e.g. by navigating into a view).
Run local application GitHub Adds a command (button) to the task area and context menu, opening Notepad when the button is clicked.
Built-in commands GitHub Shows how to react when built-in functionality (e.g. clicking Log out) is executed.
Confirm Workflow State Change GitHub Shows how to react when properties of objects are saved, and to stop the action. This sample prompts the user to confirm a workflow state transition before it is committed, allowing them to cancel the operation.
Show Web Page in tab (iframe) GitHub Shows how to display a remote web page in a tab, and how to pass data from items selected in the M-Files listings to the web page itself. This sample searches Microsoft Bing for the title of the currently-selected object(s).
View URL Generator GitHub Shows how to generate a URL for the currently-selected view via a command and popup dashboard.


Title Source Details
Using Managed Assemblies GitHub Shows how to interact with a .NET assembly distributed with the UIX application.

Compatible with M-Files Web

Title Source Details
Assign to me GitHub Creates a button which is shown only when the user has items selected. When the button is clicked, a separate assignment is created and assigned to the current user. Functions in both M-Files Desktop client and M-Files Classic Web.